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Terrible how these people are dependent on this kind of stuff


Marcie is right - your documentation of this place and the interventions here is very thorough.


food donations are really great but what these people need are livelihooods so they can become independent on their own. Hope the govt does something about this .


You continue to amaze me with how you've so thoroughly recorded these people's lives and their plight.


cordiales et admiratives pensées à tous les bénévoles qui se dévouent pour améliorer le quotidien de ces pauvres personnes ...


Its nice to see people care :) Thanks for sharing


Delighted to see they receive medical help as well. I assume babies are receiving immunity shots as well...


Good to see this happening.

Evelyne Dubos

Un programme d'aide alimentaire, ça donne du baume au coeur... les enfants ne devraient jamais avoir à souffrir de la faim ou de carences dangereuses pour leur santé. Bravo à cette équipe qui prend soin d'eux !!


It reassuring to see the results of these agencies helping feed and care for the poverty stricken. Fine series.

London Caller

When I was little, my school in Malaysia provided us free milk. ;)
Not really yummy but we had to drink it.

Photographs by M.E.

so much to see, many serious/sad faces... excellent capture, as always, Sidney.

dong ho

ah this summer is really difficult to set a common time for a group photo walk. but still getting my fingers crossed.

as always great feature Sid


La solidarité n'est pas un vain mot !


This warms my heart, Sidney!


Beau reportage et des images qui parlent d'elles même.


So these are free clinics for the people?

Otto K.

It's good to see that they are also providing some medical care as well.

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